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Clinical Education Handbook

Student and CI resources for Clinical Education policies, procedures, and expectations.

Negotiated Learning Contract
Sample contract between student and facility for outlining additional student performance criteria.

Sample Affiliation Agreement Form  
Submit this form to if interested in becoming a clinical site for our DPT students.

UF Student Placement Request Form:
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Weekly Planning Form
Sample form to organize student learning outcomes on a weekly basis.


What medical or legal forms are students required to provide before applying for clinical internships?

All students are required to meet the DPT immunization requirements for admission as noted on the website.

In addition to required immunizations, all students must show current proof of an updated annual tuberculosis screening prior to the beginning of Clinical Education I. Prior to participation in full-time clinical experience all students must show proof of the following:

  1. UF HIPAA Training
  2. HIV/Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  3. CPR/BLS Healthcare Provider certification
  4. Health insurance including major medical (hospitalization)
  5. Annual Tuberculosis screening
  6. Hepatitis B
  7. Varicella titer
  8. Background Check
  9. Tetanus/Tdap

Per individual clinical site requirements, students may be required to show proof of the following:

  1. Additional background checks of varying levels and cost
  2. Drug Screen
  3. Fingerprinting
  4. Additional vaccines such as Tetanus or Influenza
  5. Face mask fit testing
  6. Other requirements as stated by the individual clinical site

Students are required to review clinical experience site documents such as the Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) and posted reports from prior students, as well as contacting the SCCE at each site to prepare appropriately for each clinical experience.

Students must link proof of coverage/completion of all medical and legal requirements in the PT departmental tracking system and keep this up to date throughout all full-time clinical experiences. Students who fail to comply with these requirements are subject to disciplinary action.

What should I do if a student is involved in or sees an accident during clinical experience activities at my site?

Students who are involved in or witness an accident or incident while participating in clinical experience activities must follow the clinical site’s policy on completing reports/forms/documents related to the accident/incident. As soon as possible, or at maximum, within 24 hours of the accident /incident, students must also contact the DCE to receive direction for follow up according to UF’s Health Science Center Self Insurance Program (SIP) procedures. Students should submit a written summary of events with the following information:

  1. Name of student:
  2. Date/time/location of incident/accident:
  3. Names of other individuals involved and their role, e.g., (patient, visitor, clinical instructor, etc.):
  4. Brief description of what occurred:
  5. Contact phone # and email for student and clinical instructor:

The student will be contacted by the DCE (or another school representative) to confirm receipt of this report and provide further direction as needed.

Pursuant to contractual agreements with clinical sites, students are not eligible for employee benefits including worker’s compensation. For minor injuries, first aid should be administered onsite. For more serious injuries, emergency response should be instigated. Each student is responsible for maintaining personal major medical health insurance while on clinical experiences, thereby availing the student of the opportunity to receive appropriate emergency care.

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure:

All students will follow procedures for Universal Precautions in all health care settings.

Students will inquire and obtain the facility’s policies and procedures on exposure to communicable diseases and bloodborne pathogens prior to patient contact. Students will clarify the policy with their immediate supervisor, Clinical Instructor (CI) or SCCE. Students should determine:

  1. Quickest way to contact their immediate supervisor or next in chain of command
  2. Phone Number of Infection Control Nurse
  3. Location of Employee Health
  4. Location of Emergency Room

In the event of exposure to a communicable disease and/or bloodborne pathogen, students should:

  1. Report incident to immediate supervisor (or next in chain of command) and follow the facility’s policy for reporting the exposure.
  2. Contact the DCE/ADCE (this should occur as soon as possible so that DCE/ADCE can assist the student).

What are the CPI due dates?

Clinical instructors and students are required to complete and sign off on the CPI at week 4 (midterm) and week 8 (final) of each clinical experience.