Amy LadendorfAmy Ladendorf – Assistant Director of Education
(Education: Coordinator of Education Area)

Oversees the DPT and PhD Education Programs
Coordinates DPT Program Admissions and Student Services
Alumni Contact
Coordinates Marketing for DPT and PhD Education Programs
Coordinates and Supervises Planning for Recruiting and Education Events
Supervises Educational Support Staff
Manages Student Data Tracking and Accreditation Compliance
Contact Information: 352-273-6507

Jennifer Fairfield – Administrative Specialist
(Chair Support)

Contact for the Department Chair on Department Related Inquiries; Coordinates Chair’s Calendar
Prepares Letters of Recommendation & Support for Grant Applications at the Request of the Chair
Assists Faculty with Preparation of PHHP Annual Activity Report
Liaison for the ImagingDMD UF Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials
Administrative Coordinator and Quality Control Manager for the ImagingDMD UF Network
Responsible for the Distribution of Controlled Documents to All Participating Sites
Ensures Compliance and Maintenance with Study Related Documentation
Contact Information: 352-273-9450

Katie Fleischman, MBA – Business ManagerKatie Fleischman, PT Business Manager

Oversees Human Resources operations
Provides budgetary approval and oversight of fiscal operations including travel, voucher payments, and PCards
Assists with development and implementation of annual departmental budget
Responsible for space allocation and certification
Effort coordinator and primary payroll processor
Oversees front office operations
Supervises HR/Fiscal support staff
Contact Information: 352-273-6433

Amelia Baiden, Human Resources AssistantAmelia Baiden, MBA – Human Resources Generalist
(Fiscal: Human Resources)

Department Human Resources Contact
Coordinates TEAMS, Faculty OPS, GA, TA, Post-Doc, and Pre-Doc Hires
Manages Employee Training Certifications and Compliance
Assists with Processing of Visa and Immigration Records
Assists with Tenure and Promotion Processing
Manages the Hiring Process and All Department HR Records
Contact Information: 352-273-6085 

Garret Pogue, administrative specialistGarret Pogue, Administrative Support Assistant
(Fiscal: Front Office)

Oversees Front Desk
PCard reconciliation
Coordinates Work Orders
Maintains Office and Kitchen Supplies
Creates and Posts Seminar Flyers
Processes Travel and All Non-travel Expense Reports
Assists with Errands and Special Projects as Requested
Contact Information: 352-273-6085

Headshot photo of Liliya MartsynyukLili Martsynyuk, MPA – Fiscal Assistant II

Oversees all accounts payable activities
Processes UF Market order requests
Generates special payments (honorarium, check, immigrations/legal fees, etc.)
Coordinates new domestic/international vendor setup
Generates scholarship disbursement requests
Monitors M&S fee funds and orders for courses
Oversees new computer/large assets ordering
Manages Amazon, Fedex, and Enterprise accounts for the department

Contact Information: 352-273-6054

Natacha Miller, Academic AssistantNatacha Miller, MBA – Academic Assistant
(Education: DPT Clinical Education Program)

Oversees and Facilitates Execution of Clinical Site Contracts
Maintains Communications with Clinical Sites
Processes and Updates Student Internship Records
Updates Clinical Education Student Database
Oversees Clinical Learning Center Operations for Education Related Functions
Prospective DPT Student Advising
Coordinates Travel for Faculty Clinical Education Site visits
Contact Information: 352-294-8915

Laura Quintana – Coordinator, Admissions and Student Services
(Education: Coordinator of Rehabilitation Science Ph.D. Program)

Coordinates the Rehabilitation Science Ph.D. Program Admissions and Student Services
Administrates NIH T32 Pre-Doctoral Training Program
Administrates NIH K12 Training Program
Liaison for NIH Scholars, Trainees, & Preceptors
Contact Information: 352-273-6106

Giselle GonzalezGisella Schroeder – Academic Assistant
(Education: DPT Program)

Distributes Job Announcements to DPT Alumni
Coordinates Student Records and Registration
Sets up Course Schedules
Authorizes Graders and Inputs Instructor Workload
Organizes Student Orientation & Graduation Activities
Updates and Facilitates Text Book Adoptions
Assists with FTE Reporting
Contact Information: 352-273-6116

Headshot photo of Jacky ScottJacky Scott – Marketing Assistant

Publicizes department activities, educational programs, and faculty research
Organizes academic symposia, educational special events, research seminars, departmental and research events
Manages the department’s web and social media presence
Coordinates ad hoc travel and itineraries for special event speakers and guests
Contact Information: 352-273-6113

Dawn L. Stewart – Research Administrator
(Fiscal: Grants)

Contact Information: 352-273-6124