Year Two Courses

Fall: Semester 4

Course #Course NameCredits
PHT 6771 Musculoskeletal Disorders II 4
PHT 6381C Cardiopulmonary Disorders in Physical Therapy 3
PHT 6070C Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging in Physical Therapy Practice 2
PHT 6861 Clinical Education II 1
PHT 6761C Neurorehabilitation I 3
PHT 6302C Principles of Disease 3

Spring: Semester 5

First eight weeks:

Course #Course NameCredits
PHT 6374Geriatrics in Physical Therapy 2
PHT 6527 Professional Issues II3
PHT 6762C Neurorehabilitation II 2

Second eight weeks

Course #Course NameCredits
PHT 6811 Clinical Education III 6

Summer: Semester 6

Course #Course NameCredits
PHT 6190C Motor Control/ Therapeutic Exercise II 3
PHT 6322C Pediatrics in Physical Therapy 3
PHT 6702C Prosthetics and Orthotics 2
PHT 6730 Screening for Referral in PT 3
PHT 6872CComplex Cases/Competency II1