DPT Curriculum


The curriculum is an 8 semester plan of study which incorporates 32 weeks of full time clinical internship. Students enter the program after completing a bachelor’s degree. The students are awarded the DPT degree after completing 113 credit hours of graduate course work.

The curriculum has been established along three basic educational principles that are instilled in the philosophy and mission of the program. First, it is necessary that a strong basic science background in the biological, kinesiological and behavioral sciences be established as the foundation upon which the curriculum is developed. Secondly, incorporation of principles underlying logical reasoning and the scientific method shall be woven throughout all aspects of the curriculum. These principles shall be explicitly stated in the design and content of each course; they shall be implicitly stated in the faculty’s behavior as role models through their incorporation of their research and clinical practice experiences into the classroom setting. Third, students will recognize that the practice of physical therapy is empowered by the collaborative efforts of the team, ensuring a partnership of people working towards a common goal. This principle is instilled in the students throughout the content of the curriculum and is exemplified by the faculty’s collaborative teaching and research efforts.

The DPT curriculum:

Semester 1: Fall Yr. 1 CR Semester 2: Spring Yr.1 CR Semester 3: Summer Yr.1 CR
PHT 6153 Physiology for PT 3 PHT 6188C Functional Anatomy II 5 PHT 6770 Musculoskeletal Disorders I 2
PHT 6187C Functional Anatomy I 5 PHT 6189C Examination and Evaluation 3 PHT 6218C Therapeutic Modality Interventions in Physical Therapy 2
PHT 6605 Evidence Based Practice I 3 PHT 6168C Neuroscience in Physical Therapy 4 PHT 6860 Clinical Education I 1
PHT 6024 Sem: Professional Issues I 2 PHT 6503 Health Promotion and Wellness for Physical Therapy Practice II 2 PHT 6608 Evidence Based Practice II 3
PHT 6502 Health Promotion and Wellness for Physical Therapy Practice I 1 6207C Basic Clinical Skills II 2 PHT 6352 Pharmacology in Physical Therapy Practice 3
PHT 6206C Basic Clinical Skills I 2 PHT 6152C Exercise Physiology 2 PHT 6186C Motor Control/ Therapeutic Exercise I 2
Semester 4: Fall Yr. 2 Semester 5: Spring Yr. 2 Semester 6: Summer Yr. 2
PHT 6771 Musculoskeletal Disorders II 4 First 8 weeks: PHT 6190C Motor Control/ Therapeutic Exercise II 3
PHT 6381C Cardiopulmonary Disorders in Physical Therapy 3 PHT 6762C Neurorehabilitation II 2 PHT 6322 Pediatrics in Physical Therapy 4
PHT 6070C Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging in Physical Therapy Practice 3 PHT 6527 Professional Issues II 3 PHT 6702C Prosthetics and Orthotics 2
PHT 6861 Clinical Education II 1 PHT 6374 Geriatrics in Physical Therapy 2 PHT 6730 Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy 3
PHT 6761C Neurorehabilitation I 3 Second 8 weeks:
PHT 6302C Principles of Disease 4 PHT 6811 Clinical Education III 6
Semester 7: Fall Yr. 3 Semester 8: Spring Yr. 3
PHT 6807 Clinical Education IV 6 First 8 weeks:
PHT 6817 Clinical Education V 6 PHT 6823 Clinical Education VI 6
Second 8 weeks:
PHT 6504 Health Promotion and Wellness for Physical Therapy Practice III 1
PHT 6530 Professional Issues III 2
PHT 6609 Evidence Based Practice III 2