Faculty Mentors- NMPT

Aging & Geriatric Research

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Kevin Otto, PhD

Neural interfaces for treatment in neurological injury and disease, implantable devices, brain-machine interface

Kevin Otto

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Genetics & Genomics



Michael Okun, MD

Neuroplasticity; movement disorders treatment, brain stimulation effects on cognition, behavior, and mood; basal ganglia

Michael Okun

Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Physiology & Aging

Physiology & Functional Genomics

Karyn Esser, PhD

Neuromuscular plasticity; Cognitive and motor learning, stroke, neuro-rehabilitation, prosthetics

Karyn Esser

Physiology & Aging

Glenn Walter, PhD

Neuromuscular plasticity, Magnetic resonance imaging, muscle damage, gene transfer, muscular dystrophies, muscle atrophy and regeneration

Glenn Walter

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Donovan Lott, PhD

Neuromuscular plasticity, muscular dystrophy, Duchenne Myotonic Dystrophy, exercise, MRI, functional mobility & rehabilitation

Donovan Lott

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Karen Hegland, PhD

Neuromuscular plasticity; mechanisms of airway protection, swallowing, cough, rehabilitation

Karen Hegland