Seminar Series

Additional Learning Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to learn about the expansive research happening within the college and from international experts.

Rajesh Rao, PhD, CJ and Elizabeth Hwang Professor at the University of Washington (UW), gives a keynote presentation to over 200 guests at the 2019 Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium.

Annual Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium

Each year three internationally renowned experts in the field of neuromuscular plasticity and rehabilitation are invited to present a platform presentation, meet with the Neuromuscular Plasticity Training program trainees and faculty mentors, and provide feedback on the progress of the NMPT program. Three PT CEUs are offered.

Rehabilitation Science Seminars

This seminar is designed to foster interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. The lecture series include both local and external experts in rehabilitation related research, with a primary emphasis on neuromuscular plasticity. This forum provides the students an opportunity to get familiar with research activities at the University of Florida and rehabilitation centers and institutes across the country. Following the presentations, students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty are given an opportunity to meet with the speakers and discuss research ideas and projects. One PT CEU is offered.

Neuromuscular Plasticity Nines

These weekly seminars are organized in the summer and consist entirely of student presentations. Each week, two senior Ph.D. or postdoctoral students provide a scientific presentation on their research topic. During these seminars, ample time is provided for discussion, and the diverse audience of students and faculty typically provide valuable feedback to the students, as well as increased interaction among the students and faculty. One PT CEU is offered.