Gator Balance Class

Community Health

Promoting disease prevention and wellness while connecting residents with available healthcare

DPT students hold a class for seniors designed to improve their balance and prevent falls.

The Community Health REACH group’s purpose is to promote disease prevention and wellness while connecting residents with available healthcare in their community. We strive to accomplish these goals through regular participation in health screening events, giving UF physical therapy students the opportunity to administer screening tests and to provide patient education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a community that is empowered to take charge of their health by engaging in a physically active lifestyle and by being knowledgeable about available health resources and services in Alachua County. To attain this vision, we are committed to being a well-informed and organized group of professional students who will continually develop and maintain collaborative relationships with our professional colleagues, individuals, and organizations to address the unmet health needs of Alachua County. We aspire to be a recognizable entity in our community with a leadership role in providing quality health service and education to the people we serve.

What We Do

  • Take accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements to let individuals know how their values compared to those recommended by the medical community
  • Educate on the signs and symptoms of stroke and the actions that should be taken if they should occur
  • Educate on the modifiable risk factors of stroke, and the benefits of a proper diet and exercise
  • Hand out information regarding UF College of Medicine Equal Access Clinic or Physical Therapy Equal Access Clinic to individuals who are currently uninsured and looking for alternative care
  • Encourage frequent monitoring and compliance to individuals taking medication or who have been diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure.
  • Promote our profession and demonstrate  caring for all Alachua County residents
  • Participate in other health fairs on campus and in the community
  • Educate community on benefits of physical therapy and the many fields we are involved in
  • Educate different populations according to need (e.g. balance programs and fall risk, prevention of running injuries, benefits of stretching and foam rolls)
  • Educate other health professionals about our role in Community Health Care Screenings

DPT student helping seniors at Community Health work on their balance

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