NMPT Internal Steering Committee Members

Committee Member Title/Role Research Focus

Barry Byrne, MD, PhD, Professor & Director, Powell Gene Therapy Center – Muscular dystrophies, Pompe disease, gene transfer and stem cell therapies, pediatric clinical trials

Janis Daly, PhD, PT, Professor & Director, VA Brain Rehabilitation Research Center of Excellence – Cognitive and motor learning, stroke, neurorehabilitation, Traumatic Brain Injury

David Fuller, PhD, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy – Neuroplasticity, spinal cord injury, control of breathing, neurophysiology and respiratory physiology

Scott Powers, PhD, Professor and Director, Center for Exercise Science – Mechanical ventilation, muscle plasticity, and oxidative stress

Paul Reier, PhD, Anne and Oscar Lackner Professor & Eminent Scholar, Department of Neuroscience  Spinal cord injury, neural transplantation strategies, spinal cord neural circuits, neuroanatomical plasticity

David Vaillancourt, PhD, Professor, Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology – motor control, neuroimaging, movement disorders, brain structure and function

Krista Vandenborne, PT, PhD, Research Foundation Professor & Chair, Department of Physical Therapy – Muscle atrophy regeneration, magnetic resonance imaging, muscular dystrophies, pediatrics, muscle damage