Claudia Senesac

Dr. Claudia SenesacClaudia Senesac, PT, PhD, PCS
Clinical Associate Professor
University of Florida Department of Physical Therapy
Box 100154, UFHSC
Gainesville, FL  32610 -0154
Phone: (352) 273-6453
Fax:  (352) 273-6109

Claudia Senesac, PT, PhD, PCS has over 37 years of pediatric clinical experience. Dr. Senesac has been the owner and administrator of a pediatric physical therapy private practice since 1984 and is a board certified clinical specialist in Pediatrics. She received her master’s degree in Health Science investigating motor control in young children suffering from stroke. In 2006 she graduated with a PhD in Rehabilitation Science focusing on motor learning specially “Generalization” of task training in the neurologically impaired populations, particularly stroke. She has now focused her research attention in her area of expertise; motor learning and motor control in Pediatrics. Dr. Senesac serves as the overall project manager for an NIH multi-center funded grant investigating Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Biomarkers in boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD). One of her roles is to translate what we know from DMD research into clinical practice. In 2000 she designed and continues to coordinate the entry level doctoral course Pediatrics in Physical Therapy. This course was selected by the Pediatric Section of the APTA as an example of innovative and creative teaching strategies for a pediatric curriculum for entry level DPT students and is part of the Pediatric Compendium 2006. She published Finley’s Interactive Cadaveric Dissection Guide combining text and video to compliment cadaver dissection in Functional Anatomy. In 2009 Dr. Senesac was named The College of Public Health and Health Professions Teacher of the Year by the College of Public Health and Health Professions. In 2014 she was awarded the Outstanding Pediatric Clinician Award by the Academy of Pediatrics, American Physical Therapy Association. Most recently she received the 2016 International Educator of the Year from the College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida International Center. Her primary teaching responsibilities in the entry-level program include Functional Anatomy I and II and Pediatrics in Physical Therapy. Dr. Senesac began teaching at UF early in her career (1979) as adjunct faculty and officially joined the faculty in 2003.