Class of 2024 SPTA Officers

A new group of DPT students were elected to the Student Physical Therapy Association Executive Board as Officers for the Class of 2024. The SPTA board oversees student committees, plan events, and serve as faculty liaisons for their class.

Get to know this year’s elected SPTA Officers for the Class of 2024!

Steve Witchoskey (President)

Steven Witchoskey – President

I am from Plant City, Florida, and received my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Western Kentucky University while also being a captain of the football team. I became interested in PT over the years after seeing the dynamic of sport and injury. The process of watching any athlete or individual go from bedridden to optimal performance is enthralling to me. Seeing the kind of long-term change, physically and mentally, I could help guide patients through is what really pulled me in.

Naturally, I’m interested in a Sports/ Orthopedics route for my profession, but here of late Neuro has been exciting as well. The end goal is to open up a practice in a local city.

As President, I wanted to be a vessel for my cohort to help amplify their voice to the rest of the program and faculty. When we’re all wearing our white coats at the end, I’d love for the amount of fellowship we had to turn into an amazing network of professionals each of us could lean on at any time during our practice.

Jimmy Lindsay – Vice President

Jimmy Lindsay (Vice President)

Where are you from?  I am from Metuchen, NJ. 

What degrees do you have, and from what institutions? BS in Business Administration from Gwynedd Mercy University, Certificate in Information Technology from Monmouth University

Why does PT interest you? PT interests me because one particular PT helped change my life when no other doctors, surgeons, OTs, and other PTs could. I also enjoy problem-solving and working with athletes to recover from injuries.

What field of PT would you like to work in? Sports Physical Therapy

Why did you choose to be in SPTA? I understand the challenging reality of a rigorous graduate school program, and I want to contribute toward making my fellow students’ lives better. As VP, I have more power to put valuable events together and can help streamline communication.

What do you want to achieve while in your role in the SPTA? My goal is to create an environment where our cohort feels safe and confident as grad students embarking on careers in physical therapy. I hope to encourage growth and bonding among my colleagues while participating in both social and professional get-togethers.

Yesenia Argueta – Secretary

Yesenia Argueta – Secretary

Where are you from? I am from Tampa, FL. 

What degrees do you have, and from what institutions? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida and graduated in May of 2021. 

Why does PT interest you? Physical therapy interests me because of its ability to impact patients’ quality of life. It’s incredible that physical therapists have an incredible understanding of the human body and can give holistic perspectives to enhance human performance and wellness. 

What field of PT would you like to work in? I am interested in Women’s Health physical therapy as well as Neuro. 

Why did you choose to be in SPTA? I want to be in SPTA to help my class in any way that I can. During my time in SPTA, I hope to help my class stay organized, and collaborate with the other executive board members to create a great environment and memories for our class. 

Given Arceo – Treasurer

Given Arceo – Treasurer

I was born in the Philippines but raised in Jacksonville, FL. I graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology. The field of Physical therapy allows me to develop meaningful relationships with my patients and make a significant impact on their journey to recovery. On top of that, the fun work environment and variety of settings also drew me into the field. I wanted to be in SPTA to be involved in something bigger than myself. As Treasurer, I want to build on the contributions of the past SPTA members and continue their work to make positive changes in our community and our program. I also want to help create an atmosphere of support in our class where we can motivate one another to be the best clinicians we can be!

Congrats SPTA Officers!