2021 Alumni & Friends Scholarship Recipients

The Department of Physical Therapy is proud to congratulate the recipients of this year’s Alumni & Friends Scholarships, first-year DPT students, Mark Coates and Tuyet Nguyen!

The UF Physical Therapy Department collects funds to support the Alumni and Friends scholarship. Established in 2021, the scholarship expands inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility initiatives within the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and supports the mission of the department’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee. This scholarship supports physical therapy students who are first-generation college students, are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion, have overcome educational, social, or family disadvantages, or have demonstrated academic leadership.

Mark Coates, First-Year DPT Student
Alumni & Friends Scholarship Recipient, Mark Coates

Mark Coates

“Winning this scholarship is beyond an honor for me. To be recognized for my efforts both inside and outside of the classroom is a phenomenal feeling. I put in a lot of hard work, but I wouldn’t be here without my amazing support system,” said Mark Coates, first-year DPT student. “I have so many outstanding peers, family members, and friends constantly lifting me and pushing me forward. They are the ones deserving of all the recognition.”

“I am beyond grateful to all of the generous donors that helped make this scholarship happen. It is such an admirable gesture to give back and invest in students’ education. I am so appreciative, and I hope to make them all proud of my efforts as a student and future PT. I look forward to one day being able to return that favor and pass those blessings on to another student!”

Tuyet Nguyen, First-Year DPT Student
Alumni & Friends Scholarship Recipient, Tuyet Nguyen, First-Year DPT Student

Tuyet Nguyen

“It is an honor to receive the Alumni and Friends Scholarship, which promotes inclusion, diversity, and accessibility (IDEA) within the UF Physical Therapy Department. This recognition helps drive my motivation to move the physical therapy profession even further. It’s also an opportunity to promote the IDEA principles in an educational or clinical setting to connect with my peers and patients,” said Nguyen. 

“Thank you to the generous donors and everyone actively involved in creating and funding this scholarship. It also strengthens my belief in myself. I appreciate those who are rooting for our profession to be a more welcoming place for everyone. Because of inclusivity, I can accomplish more as a student and give back to the PT profession and the community.

Nguyen looks forward to prioritizing giving back to the DPT program as a future Doctor of Physical Therapy.