Stephen Blackband, PhD

Basic Science Mentor

Department of Neuroscience

Stephen Blackband, PhD is Professor of Neuroscience and the former Director of the Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility (AMRIS). Dr. Blackband is a very well established scientist in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy and a member of the McKnight Brain Institute. His research focus is on the development and implementation of Magnetic resonance techniques to provide a non-destructive evaluation of traumatic brain injury, pharmacological neuroprotection, and to follow the process of injury repair. Dr Blackband is an expert in developing techniques and applications of MRI and MRS at very high field strengths. This includes the development of the rf coil technology, and novel pulse sequences that exploit high magnetic fields. Applications include isolated single neurons, isolated perfused rat and human brain slices, ex vivo tissue, and in vivo animals and humans. In addition, he implements diffusion tensor imaging techniques to map fiber tracts in highly structured white matter in nervous tissue. Dr. Blackband’s research program is funded by NIH and NSF grants.