Glenn Walter, PhD

Basic Science Mentor

Professor and Vice-Chair
Department of Physiology and Functional Genomics
College of Medicine

Glenn Walter, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Physiology and Functional Genomics. Dr. Walter’s research expertise is in the area of noninvasive measurement of muscle plasticity and viral modification of gene expression in adult skeletal muscle. His research focus is on the development of both optical and magnetic resonance methods to monitor changes in both cardiac and skeletal muscle gene expression during disease progression in neuromuscular diseases and the potential of gene therapy to prevent myopathy and muscle wasting. Dr. Walter has developed noninvasive techniques to measure blood flow, muscle damage, mitochondrial function, and foreign gene expression in muscle. Indeed, many of the above mentioned techniques are already in use in clinical trials and in NIH sponsored basic and clinical studies. Dr. Walter’s research is funded by NIH (NIAMS) and he serves as faculty mentor to trainee Nathan Bryant. He also co-mentored postdoctoral fellows Chris Gregory, Sunita Mathur and Min Liu as well as a number of graduate students with Dr. Vandenborne.