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Departmental awards and scholarships available to admitted DPT students

The Claudette Finley Scholarship Award

The Claudette Finley Scholarship Award was established by the Class of 1999 in recognition of Ms. Finley who has taught anatomy for 35 years while a faculty member in the Department of Physical Therapy. The class initiated this recognition and in consultation with the University of Florida Foundation established the award and secured contributions from the alumni of this program prior to their graduation in the Spring of 1999. The award will be presented to an entry-level student annually during their second year in the physical therapy program. Selection of the student will be based on criteria that include excellence as a student in the anatomy courses, willingness to teach others in the anatomy courses, demonstrated financial need, and participation in campus and/or community activities.

Julia Conrad Trojanowski Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding entry-level student with a GPA in physical therapy coursework of at least 3.65. Additional criteria include excellent clinical skills as demonstrated on laboratory and practical examinations. The student must also be recognized by his/her colleagues as a caring, compassionate, & highly principled person of outstanding character.

Rolf and Anne Kuhns Endowment for Physical Therapy Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded to the student who demonstrates outstanding performance in the first full-time clinical internship, thereby showing promise as a future clinician of excellence.

The Goldstein Family Memorial Fellowship in Physical Therapy

This award goes to a student in demonstrating leadership, strong community or public service, perseverance through unforeseen or uncommon obstacles, and financial need.

McWells Scholarship

This award goes to a Doctor of Physical Therapy student who demonstrates outstanding volunteer work and/or community outreach.

Department of Physical Therapy Martha C. Wroe Outstanding Clinical Performance Award

Outstanding clinical performance is recognized as a highly valued achievement. The faculty recognizes a student each year that has been supported by all of the clinical preceptors as a deserving recipient. The award consists of a certificate and check. The awardee’s name is added to the master plaque that is retained in the Department of Physical Therapy.

Department of Physical Therapy Outstanding Scholastic Student Award

The Department of Physical Therapy initiated an award for scholarship in 1972. This award is based on a student’s grade point average in the Physical Therapy entry-level program and is presented at the Physical Therapy Department Graduation Banquet. The award consists of a certificate and check. The awardee’s name is added to a master plaque that is permanently displayed in the Department of Physical Therapy.

Frederick Family Scholarship

Bill and Mary Ann Frederick established the Frederick Family Scholarship in Physical Therapy to endow scholarships for students in the physical therapy department. An award will be given to a student in the entry-level program. The entry-level student is nominated by his/her peers during the spring semester. Criteria for selection includes treating others with positive regard, dignity, and respect, dependability when given responsibilities by peers and faculty, and showing good judgment in decisions particularly those that have an impact on peers.

The Dr. Mark H. Trimble Memorial Scholarship Award

The Dr. Mark H. Trimble Memorial Scholarship Award was established in Dr. Trimble’s honor following his untimely death in February of 2001. Dr. Trimble was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy from 1994-2001 and taught in the area of orthopedics. This scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated excellence and a strong commitment to the learning and development of clinical skills in orthopedics and has shown initiative and self-reliance in his or her studies, assignments, and responsibilities in the entry-level master’s program. The award will be presented annually to the student at the end of their second year in the entry-level program. To read more about Dr. Mark H. Trimble.

Miller and Toni Couse Physical Therapy Fellowship

The Miller and Toni Couse Physical Therapy Fellowship was established in 2010 by Miller and Toni Couse to support a fellowship in the University of Florida Department of Physical Therapy.
Miller earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida College of Agricultural & Life Sciences in 1970. Toni earned a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from the University Florida in 1971.This fund supports a fellowship in the Department of Physical Therapy with preference to graduate students with financial need who have a high potential to contribute to the profession of physical therapy and have demonstrated leadership skills. The award is based upon availability of funds.

Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship

The Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship is awarded to a non-Florida resident demonstrating leadership and strong community or public service.

The program will notify students when scholarship applications are being accepted.

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