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Carlos Campos

Señor Campos earned a degree in 3D animation back in the long-time-ago, when 3D was rendered on SGI machines with OpenGL 1.0. After college he haunted the streets of his home town New Orleans, feeding off the city’s old spirits, making some music, eating divine food and occasionally creating websites, videos, and animations for local bands. He eventually made his way to Gainesville where he did hard time at UF Shands Cancer Center as an IT specialist.

After years of developing his 3D skills in a corner of his living room, Señor Campos at long last found a home within the external web services team. Now he gets to play with graphics tablets, push pixels, and finally learn to use a Mac like a real artist.

When he’s not knee deep in normal-maps, Señor Campos spends his days theorizing a cure for the zombie plague as well as perfecting his rescue route to his daughter’s daycare center.


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