Kandyce Nguyen receives the Connolly Scholarship Award

Congratulations to first year, DPT student, Kandyce Nguyen on receiving the Barbara and Michael Connolly Scholarship Award. This scholarship is awarded to a matriculate demonstrating high potential to contribute to the physical therapy profession, leadership skills, a 3.5 undergraduate GPA, and has financial need.

Kandyce Nguyen

How did it feel to learn you were selected for this award? 

When I learned I was selected for this award I felt honored and grateful at the same time. I was not expecting to be selected for this scholarship, so it was incredible news to hear.

What do you look forward to most as a future Physical Therapist? 

As a future Physical Therapist, I look forward to giving back to the community and people in need. I want to practice my values of selflessness and integrity with an emphasis on health and be able to educate and continue learning from patients and colleagues. I also wish to continue advocating for different minority groups’ access and treatment in healthcare and be able to represent these minority groups in my practice. 

In what ways do you demonstrate leadership, public service, and perseverance in pursuit of your education?

Throughout my undergraduate studies I was involved in organizations that promoted public service, leadership, and diversity. I made an effort to step out of my comfort zone and take on leadership positions to be more than just a student and make the most out of my college experience. Although I was inexperienced in these positions, my philosophy is to lead by example and with passion. Today, I wish to continue the same passion I have for diversity and public service with future opportunities in program and practice of physical therapy. 

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