Porto receives Goldstein Family Memorial Fellowship in Physical Therapy Award

Congratulations to first year DPT student Hillary Porto on receiving the Goldstein Family Memorial Fellowship in Physical Therapy Award. This scholarship is awarded to a matriculate who demonstrates evidence of leadership, strong communication or public service, perseverance through unforeseen or uncommon obstacles while completing undergraduate degree, and financial need.

Hillary Porto

How does it feel to be selected as the recipient of the Goldstein Family Memorial Fellowship in Physical Therapy Award?

I feel extremely honored to have been selected for the Goldstein Family Memorial Fellowship. This scholarship highlights individuals’ leadership and public service roles, both passions, and dedications of mine. I am very pleased to be recognized for my efforts through this prestigious award. 

What do you look forward to most as a future Physical Therapist?

As a future physical therapist, I am looking forward to educating my patients to lead a better quality of life. I would like to inspire them to approach their health by embracing freedom and knowledgeable decision-making. Upon graduating, I hope to work with members of the community and instill holistic perspectives in them while they grow through adversity. 

In what ways do you demonstrate leadership, public service, and perseverance in pursuit of your education?

Being part of several groups within my doctoral program allows me to actively serve the Gainesville public. Through my community health REACH group, we use exercise initiatives to positively influence local residents. Similarly, when working with my Putting Families First team we determine ways our selected family can improve their health. Within a planned home visit, I am able to lead my group and deliver the vision of interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare. I persevere as I manage these diverse student roles in my pursuit of education. 

How will this award help you as a DPT student?

Receiving this award makes my dreams as a student and professional more attainable. It will help me focus on my commitments as a DPT student. I am confident that this scholarship will shape me into a better student as I exemplify what it stands for.

What would you like to say to the donors of this scholarship? 

I wholeheartedly thank the Goldstein Family for their generous support. I am grateful for your willingness to invest in my education. This award will help me and those I care for in my future endeavors. It is a privilege to receive this award.

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