Sieng receives Rolf and Anne Kuhns Scholarship Award

Congratulations to UF DPT Student Timothy Sieng (Class of 2023) on receiving the Rolf M. and Anne T. Kuhns Scholarship Award for Physical Therapy Scholarship! The DPT clinical education faculty awards the Rolf and Anne Kuhns Endowment for PT Scholarship to a student who demonstrates outstanding performance in the first full-time clinical internship, showing promise as a future clinician of excellence.

Timothy Sieng

How did you feel when you heard you were the recipient of the Kuhns scholarship?

Upon hearing my name called as the recipient of the Rolf and Anne Kuhns scholarship, I was instantly filled with gratitude. I was and am extremely grateful for my unshakable support system, that includes my wife, my family, and most importantly, Jesus. Additionally, I felt immense gratitude towards my classmates and professors. Our program, specifically our 2023 cohort, has no shortage of incredibly bright individuals who have helped shape me as a man, student, and future clinician. For that, I am grateful. Glory to God!

What does “clinical excellence” mean to you?

Clinical excellence to me is showing up on time each day with humility, ready to serve patients, learn something new, and maximize every opportunity to be the best you can be on that day. In the clinic there are many things outside our control, but we can control our attitude, work ethic, and adaptability. 

The Kuhns are avid donors to the University of Florida, what does this scholarship mean to you? Do you think this will impact how you feel about giving back to the university sometime in the future?

This scholarship is such a blessing to my wife and I. More than the monetary gift that the scholarship provides, the award reflects the heart of the Kuhns to continue to look outside of themselves and serve others. It is a great reminder as a future physical therapist and as a human being to continually seek ways to give back to those around me and to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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