Somogyi awarded Scholarship from National AMBUCS, Inc.

DPT student Andrew Somogyi received the Ralph Herbert Scholarship Scholarship Award from National AMBUCS, Inc.! AMBUCS awards scholarships to students pursuing degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and hearing audiology based on financial need, commitment to the local community, character for compassion and integrity, and career objectives.

Andrew S

Andrew Somogyi

How did it feel to learn that you were selected for his award?

It was a 10-minute break during our Prosthetics & Orthotics class when one of my classmates reached out to me to tell me that I should check out the scholarship application website. I was thrilled to learn that I was selected for this award because, as everyone knows, DPT school is expensive, and every little bit helps! I was fortunate enough to be given an address to write a thank you note back to the donor, which made being a recipient of this award even better!

What are some of your career objectives as a future Physical Therapist?

My girlfriend (who is also an SPT) and I plan to pursue travel physical therapy for the first few years and gain a variety of clinical experiences. After traveling, who knows what opportunities and choices will bestow upon me and what future direction I shall take? I am open to anything and close to nothing.

How do you demonstrate commitment to local community in pursuit of your education?

The physical therapy program provides many great opportunities to be involved in the local community in Gainesville. I highly recommend and encourage other students to participate and volunteer for these opportunities because most other PT programs do not have these. Besides that, I am a part of the AHEC Scholars program, which provides health events, training, resources, and information for individuals and families who live in rural and underserved areas around Gainesville.