Mathew receives the Spitznagel Service Fellowship Award

Congratulations to DPT Student, Shane Mathew who received the Ronald J. Spitznagel Service Fellowship in Health Sciences Scholarship Award!

The scholarship is a community service-based scholarship awarded to graduate and professional students based on commitment to volunteer service to the University and Community. Priority is given to students whose service has a health focus.

Shane Mathew
Shane Mathew

Shane Mathew

What inspired you to apply for this award?

This award aligns with my commitment to service through education. Being a student is not only about realizing the opportunities and freedoms that education affords but also about taking the time and effort to give back to a society in which many cannot enjoy the same opportunities and freedoms.

What does serving mean to you and what do you enjoy most about helping others?

To me, service means always leaving something better than I found it. I enjoy the meaning that service adds to my life and the value it brings to the lives of those it affects.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from serving others (either or without disabilities)?

Service has taught me that so many face struggle that the world seldom notices. The mental hardships that life carries can, at times, far outweigh the physical. Empathy continues to be the bridge in mental health between myself and those I am lucky enough to serve.

What would you like to say to the donors of this scholarship?

I am humbled to receive this Fellowship and the precedent it affords. Thank you, Dr. Spitznagel, for your belief in students carrying the torch of service forward for a better tomorrow. Thank you to the philanthropists of this fund for your commitment to education and service opportunities for students. Your contributions have made it possible for us to make great strides in our academic development and community engagement activities.