McWells Scholarship Fund in Physical Therapy is awarded to Simone Norman

Congratulations to second year DPT student, Simone Norman, for receiving the McWells Scholarship Fund in Physical Therapy Award. Established in 2016, the fund supports second-year physical therapy students who have financial needs. The donors recognize that, while good grades matter in life, they don’t tell the whole story. This scholarship supports a promising student who, without regard for academic achievement, would benefit from additional financial support. The hope is that by relieving some of that financial pressure, a student will be able to reach their potential as a physical therapist, achieving great things for others, their family, and themselves.

Simone Norman, Second Year DPT Student

Simone Norman

What inspired you to apply for this award? 

I was inspired after reading why the McWells started the scholarship! I think the description fit me well, and I was excited to apply for a scholarship that wasn’t necessarily focused just on grades. Especially since I believe I have a lot more to offer as a Physical Therapist than just my “book smarts”. I am empathetic and compassionate with a strong drive to help patients on their rehabilitation journey. I am very glad that the McWells and the scholarship committee were able to recognize that! 

What do you look forward to most as a future Physical Therapist? 

I look forward to the therapist/client relationships that I will form during my upcoming years as a physical therapist. I am currently on my first clinical rotation, and I have already created so many memorable bonds that I will remember for a lifetime. It is such a privilege to meet patients in the beginning of their recovery process and watch them progress as the weeks go by. I have had many patients express their gratitude for helping them with their therapy and showing up to work with a smile. I am the one who feels such gratitude to them for being so open to learning and progressing. 

In what ways do you demonstrate leadership among your peers in the program?

Currently, I have the opportunity as serving as the Vice President for the class of 2023!  I’ve even been able to work alongside my classmates to plan various events for our cohort. I’m very grateful for the leadership opportunities I’ve had thus far. 

How will receiving this award help you as a DPT student?

This award will help pay for travel and board for when I go across the country during my second clinical rotation. 

What would you like to say to the donors of this scholarship?

Thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for your generosity. Your kind hearts have pushed me one step closer to accomplishing my goal of being a Physical Therapist.