Lahey is awarded the Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship

The UF Department of Physical Therapy would like to congratulate DPT student Jilian Lahey on being awarded the Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship. The Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship is awarded to a matriculate who is a non-resident of Florida and demonstrates leadership and a strong sense of community or public service. 

Jilian Lahey is awarded the Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship

Jilian Lahey

How meaningful is receiving this award to you?

Being chosen for the Joan Wynne Mathews Scholarship is a huge honor. It helps validate all the hard work and time I have put in to be successful and get to where I am today. 

How will this scholarship help achieve your goals?

This scholarship will help me achieve my goals by helping reduce the financial burden of obtaining my degree and therefore allowing me to focus more directly on my education. It also provides me with further motivation to strive for excellence and work to become the best physical therapist I can be. 

What does public service mean to you?

To me, public service is providing services in order to benefit and improve society. I believe that it is a vital component of society that allows us to have empathy and give back to other members of our community.

What would you like to say to the donors of this award?

I would like to thank the donors for awarding me with this scholarship. I am extremely honored and grateful to receive this great honor, and I hope that through my achievements and contributions to the physical therapy profession I can honor them as a recipient of this award.