Hispanic Heritage Month

Join the Department of Physical Therapy as we celebrate the cultures, contributions and stories of Hispanic and Latinx faculty, staff and students within the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and UF Health Science Center.

Interprofessional Health Care

Student Experiences

Raquel Teixeira Headshot

Second Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

Raquel Teixeira

When I was three years old, my family and I moved to the United States from Brazil. My parents selflessly left everything to provide a better future for their three children in a foreign country, of which they barely spoke the primary language. They taught me the value of embracing our identity as immigrants, taking advantage of every opportunity presented to me, and thinking of others before myself. As a first generation student who struggled with access to proper health care growing up, I feel blessed to one day give back to others who are less fortunate in their own socioeconomic circumstances. I hope to represent the Latinx community and continue making my parents proud by bridging the gap between disparities and extending my services and knowledge as a physical therapist to anyone who needs it in underserved and underinsured communities.

Jennifer Garcia headshot photo

Second Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

Jennifer Garcia

Speaking another language eliminates some barriers that can prevent a deeper connection with the patient. In Children on the Go, I plan to familiarize myself with gymnastic related terms and translate the warmup songs for the kids so that they feel comfortable and included in all the fun activities at the gym. I think it also puts the parent at ease to know that their athlete is working on their social skills as well as becoming more independent during this time. I really hope to see the athletes improve their gymnastic skills and flourish while they have support system alongside them.