Podcast series produced by DEI Student Committee

dei Student committee presents:

Core Conversations

A podcast series committed to initiating conversations about diversity in healthcare and academia from the perspective of doctor of physical therapy students.

Graphic of the Core Conversations podcast series, featuring photos of Dr. Mark Bishop and UF DPT student Justus Norman

The University of Florida Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2022 DEI Student Committee has produced Core Conversations, a podcast series that focuses on having honest discussions about recent diversity initiatives, personal journeys to pursue anti-racism, and the balance between personal and professional expectations in addressing social justice issues.

In this episode, titled “The Director,” host Justus Norman, a second-year DPT student, interviews Program Director Mark Bishop, PT, PhD, FAPTA. The two reflect on how physical therapists can take a more active approach as professionals in rooting out injustice in healthcare and agree that advocacy within the field is crucial for long-term change. Dr. Bishop offers two book recommendations, White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, which you can find and purchase from a Black-owned bookstore here. Finally, Justus ends the episode by asking the signature final question: What’s good?

This podcast is produced by the UF DPT Class of 2022 DEI Student Committee and the commentary does not represent the opinions of the university or the Department of Physical Therapy. This episode was hosted by Justus Norman with special guest Dr. Mark Bishop. The production manager is Casey Jackson. Marketing and department liaisons are Ally Marcy and Breanne Stefan. Speaker coordination and recruitment chairs are Monique Deveaux and Rachel Castor. Research coordinators are Haley Hasty and Cortlyn Raynes. Original music created for Core Conversations by DJ Ricky D.