DPT students recognized at UF Presidential Service Awards Ceremony

Group photo of presidential service award winners: Ashley Tringas, Paul Auth, Ellen Waidner, Aylse Hausman, and Alyssa Morrison.
Left to right: Presidential Service Award winners Ashley Tringas, Paul Auth, Ellen Waidner, Alyse Hausman, and Alyssa Morrison.

This year, five UF DPT students were recognized at the Presidential Service Awards ceremony on April 7.

Among the group, Ellen Waidner received the Outstanding Service Award for Graduate/Professional Students at UF, which is only given to one graduate student each year. This award is to recognize a UF graduate/professional student who is engaged in service activities that were exemplary.

Ellen truly embodies this award, having stepped up during the start of the pandemic to join the COVID-19 Student Services Corps (CSSC) Oversight Committee, in addition to her community outreach group within the program.

Alongside Ellen, fellow DPT students received awards at the ceremony as well. Paul Auth, Alyse Hausman, Alyssa Morrison, and Ashley Tringas were honored with Presidential Service Awards for their involvement in projects that extended beyond their time in class.

The Department is so very proud of our students for going above and beyond to help their community. These awards are well-deserved!