Bricker receives Elks Club Scholarship

Daphne Bricker headshot photo

Daphne Bricker, a first-year UF DPT student, is the recipient of the 2020 Ben Brown Physical and Occupational Therapy Scholarship created by the Florida State Elks Association. Daphne was selected from a pool of applicants enrolled in physical and occupational therapy programs through public colleges or universities across the state of Florida.  This scholarship will award Daphne $10,000 for two years – a total of $20,000 to support her pursuit of a DPT degree.

Daphne has a Bachelor of Science in health science from the University of Florida. During her undergraduate studies, Daphne became involved in Inclusive Fitness and Unified Sports, or IFUS, where she volunteered as an exercise partner for students with disabilities.

“This experience allowed me to combine my passion for fitness with the power of empathy to help a peer overcome obstacles to wellness,” Daphne explained.

Furthermore, she became a mentor in the PHHP Lead Educate Advocate Philanthropy, or L.E.A.P., pre-health mentorship program, helping her mentee, who was also a pre-health physical therapy student, identify her passions. The duo also volunteered together, clocking in nearly 100 hours at local physical therapy clinics.

Within the DPT program, Daphne is the Occupational Therapy Liaison at the Physical Therapy Equal Access Clinic. In addition to providing PT treatments under the guidance of professional physical therapists to members of the Gainesville community who are uninsured, it is also her responsibility to lead communication with the UF Occupational Therapy Equal Access Clinic to coordinate interprofessional pro-bono services for patients and maximize their ability to achieve wellness.

“I am incredibly thankful to have been chosen to receive this scholarship. This wonderful gift will allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy with decreased stress and uncertainty about how I will cover the cost of my education,” Daphne said enthusiastically. “This scholarship is definitely life changing!”

The department is very proud of Daphne for all she has accomplished thus far. This scholarship is very well-deserved!