DPT Students Present at Primary Care Innovations Conference

On Friday, March 6, four UF DPT students –  Gabriela Lin, Joe Gayle, Paul Auth and Alyssa Morrison – attended and presented posters at the Primary Care Innovation conference in Gainesville.

Dr. Pedro Greer, the keynote speaker, gave insight on the importance of humility, empathy and social accountability when treating patients. There were a number of breakout sessions that the students attended that encouraged interprofessionalism and even partnerships. A presentation given by Abyson Kalladanthyil and Anna Villagomez entitled, “Developing Spanish Interpretation Program at a Free Clinic as a Cost-Effective Solution to Address Language Barriers,” struck close to home as a similar program could be implemented for bilingual DPT students assisting at the PT EAC.

One of the department’s Brooks – PHHP Collaboration partners, Raine Osborne, PT, DPT, EdD, gave a presentation entitled, “Interprofessional Residency Education: A Pilot Program with Physical Therapy and Family Medicine Residents,” that dove into the interprofessional collaboration with their residents and Family Medicine residents at Brooks Rehabilitation. He explained the importance of interprofessionalism in patient care, learning the roles of all professions of the healthcare team, and what is within their scope of practice.

The students presented their EAC projects at the conference and had many discussions with clinicians and students that came from not only Gainesville, but all over Florida. They had the ability to talk to other students involved in outreach clinics and see the different projects they have implemented to benefit their clinic, and this conference was also a great networking opportunity to receive more information that can potentially be applicable to the PT EAC.

Below is a list of presentations given by DPT students and PT faculty:

Educating student Physical Therapists on working with interpreters to maximize patient care. Gabriela Lin, Joseph Gayle, Ashley Estanislao, Kevin MacPherson, Kim Dunleavy  

Continuity of care in a student-run walk-in clinicAlyssa Morrison, Kim Dunleavy, Kevin MacPherson

Creation and implementation of an interprofessional patient referral system in a student run Physical Therapy Clinic. Paul Auth, Kim Dunleavy, Kevin MacPherson.