Spring Break in the Yucatan

DPT Spring Break In the Yucatan

During spring break, DPT students and PT faculty traveled to Mérida,Yucatan for the second year to join the well-established University of Florida College of Medicine Project Yucatan to provide care in the rural areas outside of Mérida.

The Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY) community volunteer group, similar to the Equal Access Clinic, organizes interprofessional clinics and has been collaborating with UF COM for over 15 years. The DPT group was able to attend and assist in one of these clinics in Xaya, about 1.5 hours outside of Mérida. Over 200 patients of all ages were seen by the interprofessional team with 44 PT evaluation and treatment sessions.

UF DPT students had the opportunity to co-treat with UADY PT students as well as consult and work with the students and medical providers – physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists – from both universities.

Each UF DPT student was team-oriented and engaged throughout the trip, always keeping the patients in mind. With an outside clinic and windy weather, Adam Lauretta and Korey Cooke were quick to prevent a sign from being blown into the patients waiting to be seen. Adam also assisted Regina Camberos Rios in successfully treating a local dignitary for his back pain. On top of all the UF DPT students working with Spanish and Mayan translators, Mariana Franz used her Spanish very successfully to organize patients and link providers.