Wellness Workshop for Surgeons

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, Dr. Kim Dunleavy and a group of volunteer second-year DPT students, Haylie Grant, Ashley Estanislao, Alyssa Hearing, Morgan Kosmala, Rose Easey, Angel Mestre, and Jessie Gitow, offered a class called “Strategies for limiting and addressing back and neck pain for surgeons” during the University of Florida College of Medicine “Celebrating Wellness 2020” wellness week.

During the class, Dr. Dunleavy and the students provided steps to address/prevent spine pain during and between surgeries, and general exercise tips to limit repetitive strain.

Four surgeons participated, which allowed for individual exercise modifications.

Throughout the interactive class, exercises for spinal stabilization, endurance, mobility and flexibility emphasized alignment and options for integration into workout programs or within a normal workday.