OT and PT Equal Access Clinic a Tour de Force

The Physical Therapy Equal Access Clinic (EAC) has joined forces with the UF department of Occupational Therapy’s student-run EAC.  OT is now present at the Clinical Learning Center on the first and third Thursdays of the month, providing patients at this probono clinic with cross referrals and management and opening the door to valuable interprofessional exposure for this enthusiastic group of UF PT and OT students.

The EAC boards have led the charge in transitioning to the new Clinical Learning Center space.  Their dedication and leadership has been apparent as the month of September boasted a record number of patients. The number of return visits has also increased, a testament to the quality of patient care.

Faculty, teaching assistants, PhD students, and clinicians commit their time, skills, and energy to help with patient treatment and student supervision, including the following team members:

**Interested in joining us? Please contact Christina Chan-Pong at: cchanpong@ufl.edu
**The increased patient load has provided an opportunity for more clinician assistance, particularly those who can provide supervision of patients with neurological conditions.