11 DPT Student Posters Accepted at 2015 APTA Combined Sections Meeting

The DPT program congratulates the nearly one dozen recent graduates and current students whose posters have been accepted for presentation at the American Physical Therapy Association 2015 Combined Sections Meeting.  The students have earned the opportunity to present their posters at the February 4-7, 2015 meeting  in Indianapolis, IN.  Details of the accepted abstracts are below:

  1. TITLE: “Examining Three Psoriatic Arthritis Screening Questionnaires for Use in Autonomous Physical Therapy Practice”
    AUTHORS: Casey Turner(1); Steven George(1)
    PRESENTER: Ms. Casey Turner
    SECTION: Orthopaedics: Other
  1. TITLE: “Non-invasive management of urinary incontinence utilizing surface electromyography biofeedback at the perineum as an adjunct to pelvic floor muscle training: A case report ”
    AUTHORS: Alexandra Hill(1); Meryl Alappattu(2)
    PRESENTER: Alexandra Hill
    SECTION: Women’s Health
  1. TITLE: “The Use of a Classification Approach to Guide the Rehabilitation of a Patient with Bilateral Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder: A Case Study”
    AUTHORS: Jessica Buckley(1); Joel Bialosky(1)
    PRESENTER: Dr. Jessica Buckley
    SECTION: Orthopaedics: Shoulder
  1. TITLE: “Management of a Patient with Low Back Pain Fitting Multiple Treatment-Based Classification Categories: A Case Report”
    AUTHORS: Monica Lugo(1); Joel Bialosky(1); Megan Herzwurm(2)
    PRESENTER: Mrs. Monica Lugo
    SECTION: Orthopaedics: Spine
  1. TITLE: “Psychologically Informed Practice in a Patient with Chronic Low Back Pain”
    AUTHORS: Mae Wileen Mercado(1); Joel Bialosky(1); Megan Herzwurm(2)
    PRESENTER: Dr. Mae Wileen Mercado
    SECTION: Orthopaedics: Spine
  1. TITLE: “Outcomes Associated With Femoral Nerve Block Following Total Knee Arthroplasty In The Acute Care Setting: A Comparative Observational Study”
    AUTHORS: Kelly Delaney(1); Joel Bialosky(1)
    PRESENTER: Kelly Delaney
    SECTION: Orthopaedics: Hip/Knee
  1. TITLE: “Dual Task Performance as an Indicator of Falls Self-Efficacy in Community-Dwelling Older Adults”
    AUTHORS: Lauren Pacho(1)
    PRESENTER: Ms. Lauren Pacho
    SECTION: Geriatrics
  1. TITLE: “Improvements in Gait Speed, Balance, and Postural Control Using Task-Specific Outcome Measures in a Patient with Malignant Glioma: A Case Report”
    AUTHORS: Amy Schreffler, PT, DPT(1); Barbara Bour, PT(2); Brittni Welch, PT, DPT(3)
    PRESENTER: Amy Schreffler, PT, DPT
    SECTION: Oncology
  1. TITLE: “Management of axillary web syndrome in a breast cancer patient with lymphedema: a case report”
    AUTHORS: Rachel Barrett, DPT(1) ; Barbara Bour, PT(2)
    PRESENTER: Rachel Barrett, DPT
    SECTION: Oncology

10. TITLE: “Investigation of the Diagnostic Accuracy for Common Clinical Assessments for Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Case Series”
SECTION: Acute Care

11. TITLE: “Early Recognition and Treatment in a Pediatric Patient Presenting With CRPS Type 1: A Case Report ”
AUTHORS: Matthew Prince (1); Joel Bialosky(1); Steven George(1) PRESENTER: Mr. Matthew Prince
SECTION: Orthopaedics: Pain Management