NMPT 2014 Symposium

Lynch_CroppedThe 9th Annual Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium was held on March 14th. More than 150 attendees were on hand for the morning plenary lectures held at the McKnight Brain Institute. 45 graduate and post-doctoral students presented posters at UF President’s House. The symposium was mentioned on national Australian radio; the podcast is available at: http://www.abc.net.au/overnights/stories/s3972002.htm

Graduate students who won a $400 travel award include: (Mentors are in Parenthesis) Corey Simon (Dr. Steven George); Sahana Kamatha (Dr. Carolynn Patten); Nicole Little (Dr. Paul Reier); and Ishu Arpan (Dr. Krista Vandenborne). Post-docs who won a $250 travel award include: (Mentors are in Parenthesis) Dr. Milap Sandhu (Dr. David Fuller); Dr. Rebecca Willcocks (Dr. Krista Vandenborne); Dr. Virginia Little (Dr. Carolynn Patten). View more program details at: http://pt.phhp.ufl.edu/dpt-program/seminar-series/annual-neuromuscular-plasticity-symposium/.